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This trip starts from your hotel from where we will drive to join others at the Banjul seaport and cruise to James Island (presently called Kunta Kinteh Island). You will have complimentary coffee or other drinks at the start of the cruise followed by a sandwich. There is a chance that you might see dolphins swimming alongside, which is always a bonus when this happens making it unforgettable.


On arrival at Juffureh you will be taken to see the Freedom Pole, have a tour of the museum, and walk though the village to visit Kunta Kinteh's family compound. You will see and feel the warmth of welcome from the local people as you walk through the craft market. At the compound you will hear about the history of the slave trade that started in 1456 and was abolished in 1807.


Finally, you will be back on the boat for lunch before heading back to Banjul seaport, where your transport will be waiting.


Boat Ride


Slave Trade History

Kunte Kinteh Family Compound

Dolphins (possible)



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