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Gambian Home Cooking


This is a unique experience to Black & White Safari, you cannot do this anywhere else!


The day is completely given over to give you the best cooking lesson, enabling you to confidently cook some of our local food when you return home to your own country. The menu varies from meat and fish dishes like Yassa, to Benachin rice. We also make local juices like Baobab and Wonjo juice, which is a dark cranberry-coloured juice, made from boiling the dark red flower from the sorrel plant.


We will take you to a local market, dress in a traditional Gambian outfit and help you shop for food items or you to take home. We will then give you the guidelines on how to cook Gambian cuisine. You will then do the cooking including all the preparation of meats, vegetables, fish and rice. Finally, we sit as a family and friends and devour the meal before returning to the hotel.



Local Market

Gambian Kitchen within compound

Traditional Gambian Dress

Food and drinks included

Local Transfer

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