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Four Wheel Drive


This full day is a round trip, taking in many sights and experiences. It starts with a visit to the famous crocodile pool, which provides the opportunity to stroke a crocodile. Here you can visit the museum and learn about Gambia's culture and history. Next it's on to Serekunda, the biggest town in Gambia, where you will have a wonderful walk in the local market to see how local women go about their daily life to earn a living.


The next stop will be a local school where you can learn about the education system in Gambia. Then on to the woodcarving factory to learn how the skilful carvers craft their wares, some of which ar for sale. We will stop at a local village so that you can get a feel for the family system in Gambia. Paradise Beach is a fantastic place to swim, sunbathe and have lunch at a restaurant. The last stop is the Tanji fishing village where you will see the boats come in and fish smoked on huge racks.


Serekunda Market  

Brikama Wood Carving

Crocodile Pool

School Visit

Sanyang Paradise Beach

Tanji Fishing Village

Typical Family Compound

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Full Day


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